gThe Inheritance is a project conceived by Chris Walas and his daughter Zena. It is a planned short film using various forms of puppetry to create a gothic/H.P.Lovecraft  world where every horror is possible. We decided to make a quick trailer as a test to see if we could pull together the resources we would need without a real budget. Just something to let us know we would be able to create the look and feel we needed to tell the story. The two of us worked on it for months making almost everything in the trailer and learning a lot along the way. With the help of family and friends along the way, the trailer is finished and gives some idea of the kind of film we hope to make.


bustAn American discovers that he is the last survivor of an ancient European line of royalty when he inherits a castle and it’s domain deep in the mountains of Eastern Europe. But his high expectations of being a respected and powerful member of royalty are demolished when he discovers the castle is merely a collection of extensive ruins and his sole subjects are a strange old woman and a skeletal butler. Worse, he finds that he is despised in the town for no reason he can discern and he is spurned by the villagers. Apparitions, shadows and ghouls haunt him as he translates the book of the family heritage and only when it may be too late does he finally uncover the true meaning and the true terror of The Inheritance